Virtual Imagery

At 2120 Virtual we can provide you with the ultimate in 3D imagery realism with our highly skilled modellers using cutting edge 3D and rendering software.

3D models can be worked up from concept sketches, even before final details or tooling is undertaken. An ability to provide multiple views as well as virtual animation sequences can give you so much more flexibility for product launches, websites and sales presentations.

2120 Virtual Imagery

The company originated in 2001 and initially specialised in exhibition, commercial and leisure interior design. For the past 10 years we have primarily focussed on the presentational aspects of proposals for clients, preparing high quality CGI’s for a number of blue-chip companies on a national and international basis.

We specialise particularly in architectural and interior 3D imagery, mainly for the commercial sector, for sales particulars and presentational purposes. We also undertake technical product modelling and can also provide 3D animations and film productions for all manner of applications.

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